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Costa y Soler uses its own or third party cookies to improve user navigation, collect navigation statistics and manage advertisements exposed to the user. To learn more about privacy on the web, we recommend this page of the IAB.


What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small files that are installed by the user’s browser on the device (computer, smartphone, tablet …). Thanks to them, the navigation becomes easier to the user as they act as a small memory for the web page visited. The cookies are associated with an anonymous user and his computer and do not allow to know personal data of the user.


There are different types of cookies:

– Essentials: Without them you could not navigate correctly through the page. For example, some allow you to know the language of the user’s browser and others even prevent possible attacks on the website or its users. It is not recommended to deactivate it.

– Analytical: These are the ones that allow the web page to measure user activity and compile navigation statistics. These cookies allow us to know the number of visits, unique browsers, sections of the web more visited … Among them: Google Analytics y ComScore.


How do I prevent a website from installing cookies and how do I uninstall them?

You can do some things to avoid the installation of cookies is “incognito” browsing. For example:

– Firefox and Chrome: Archive -> New incognito window

– Internet Explorer: Tools -> InPrivate Browsing

– Safari: Safari -> Private Browsing

– Opera: Archive -> New Private Window

In addition, each of the browsers has a page that explains how to prevent the installation of cookies and how to uninstall them.

The links to these pages are: FirefoxChromeInternet ExplorerSafari y Opera. Some of these browsers may use a reject cookie to prevent the use of cookies in it.

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